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The JG BAR 10 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle isn't any doubt one of the better rifles ever produced by JG which is right on the websites for while using best sniper rifles available in the airsoft market. This airsoft rifle is inspired from the celebrated VSR 10 by Tokyo Marui and also outshines the VSR 10 in numerous departments. The price of this sniper rifle is pretty reasonable and its particular construction is excellent as the performance can be pretty impressive. When upgraded, this sniper rifle is probably the selected few in the market who have the ability to make 300 foot shots with a consistent basis.

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Ok, seeing that we've got brought up price and quality, we can easily talk about specific kinds of airsoft guns. So that being said, in order to be considered a sniper (which everyone does), you will need a powerful "spring" operated airsoft sniper rifle. These guns are great since they shoot the furthest and possess the most power. Also, they need no addition power source to be able to fire; you merely cock it per shot.