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The Battle of Gettysburg was fought on July 1, 2, and 3, 1863. July 3, would be a Friday. Around 8:30 that morning, 20-year-old Miss Mary Virginia (Jennie) Wade was at home and busy baking bread for hungry Union soldiers. At the Farnsworth house, almost two blocks far from Jennie's home, a Rebel sharpshooter was perched in hiding. Thinking the Wade house was a Union headquarters and trying to pick off a Yankee officer or soldier, the Confederate sharpshooter fired an individual bullet toward the Wade home.

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The hallway bringing about the toilet is crowded and almost overbearing, and before I let myself answer the rhetorical self talk question "Why are both the men's and women's toilets crowded?", I see a guy walk out of with one way too many sniffs plus a trace off white powder across his chequered chest. So the crowded men's toilets weren't a case of camp comrades wanting some one on a single, but a clear case of "let's be discreet in drug taking, despite the fact that we all know everyone here's off their chops".