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Kids love playing army, hiding and stuff like that. Gone are the days of simply playing "army", today kids go all the way in fulfilling their imaginations. With unprecedented wealth, relatively when compared with what we should or our parents knew growing up, parents are facilitating their kids imaginations by giving them more realistic costumes, props and in many cases ghillie suits for the kids.

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The colt .45 also earned another nickname because the 'peacemaker' as well as the wild west legend just isn't complete with no .45 colt. The weapon was utilized by Rustlers, sheriffs along with the US Army like a handgun with lethal effect. The cowboy movies in the wild west with John Wayne and others really are a tribute on the .45 and have helped develop a legend round the weapon. The famous Billy a child gunfighter has also been especially adept in using the peacemaker. The colt .45 can be a heavy weapon and lethal. It needs a comfortable grip and strong forearm for successful handling. Otherwise the barrel can jump up when fired.