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Always make sure to have someone covering you, much like they certainly inside the real army. That way if somebody gets too close, or comes up from behind, you will not get removed without even realizing it. Having a spotter is essential, however, you should also convince someone to stand close to you while you have a lot of the fun. That is why you must take turns being the spotter on the table, so things are all fair.However, occasionally, you do not have the ability to secure a spotter to hide you. In this case, you might want a sidearm of some type to defend yourself in close quarters. An electric or gas pistol usually functions well, however, many people carry both a sniper rifle as well as a fully equipped airsoft rifle, when ever things get really sticky. If you can handle carrying very much, then go ahead and get it done. The more prepared you might be, better you may be in a unforeseen or difficult situation.

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