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The Battle of Gettysburg was fought on July 1, 2, and 3, 1863. July 3, was obviously a Friday. Around 8:30 that morning, 20-year-old Miss Mary Virginia (Jennie) Wade was at home and busy baking bread for hungry Union soldiers. At the Farnsworth house, almost two blocks faraway from Jennie's home, a Rebel sharpshooter was perched in hiding. Thinking the Wade house was a Union headquarters and trying to pick off a Yankee officer or soldier, the Confederate sharpshooter fired just one bullet toward the Wade home.

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• To really take advantage of the game, you have to pamper yourself with paintball along with a kickass paintball marker. If you be happy with the so-so types, you'll find yourself probing for the more hi tech ones and find yourself spending more. And much more, buying paintballs in big amounts come cheaper. So if you plan to play countless long, that is almost certainly because the expense of paintball markers is not a joke, buy paintballs in bulk.Yes! The weapons look cool and emptying a 300-round magazine is actually fun when pointed at friends who do the same. Still, if a cunning tactic was employed ahead of even firing an individual shot, the opponents will stand it awe before even being aware what hit them. Numerous battles are already lost due to lack of techniques. In fits of rage, soldiers charge around the enemy line and get slaughtered.

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